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Florida Real Estate News – Don’t lose your cool with clients

Florida Real Estate News –

Don’t lose your cool with clients

NEW YORK – Tense situations with clients can sometimes get heated, and it’s important to control your emotions. But that’s sometimes easier said than done.

John Stoker lists important tips for keeping your cool and preventing a damaged relationship in a recent SmartBrief column:

  • Do a physical check
    Just breathe – slow and measured breathing helps the brain’s amygdala from stopping logical thoughts. Stoker suggests taking a brisk walk, climbing some stairs or even taking your shoes off to focus your attention physically and stop an emotional hijack from ruining your client-agent relationship.
  • Keep it rational
    From our own point of view, Stoker says, everyone is rational. “When others behave in ways that defy your expectations, ask yourself: ‘What would logically explain his or her behavior?'” Stoker writes. “If appropriate, you can ask them to identify the reasons for their actions.”
  • Stick to business
    Politics can also make client relationships more emotionally fraught. Now that the political environment is particularly tense in Washington, D.C., and around the country, you may find more people who want to vent. Your best bet might be to insist on keeping conversations with clients focused on real estate.
  • Finish your sentences
    Stoker suggests finishing the sentence, “I’m angry because …” as many times as you can. Doing this before speaking with a client helps you discover and address your inner emotional state.
  • Practice empathy
    “‘What would a person have to think and feel in order to say or do that?'” Stoker says. Consider how you would react if you felt the way your client may feel. This thought process removes your own perspective and makes you identify more with the client, helping to strengthen rather than damage the relationship.
  • Hire a coach
    Look into hiring someone trustworthy for an objective view on the situation. Seeking an outsider’s perspective is an extremely beneficial and insightful tool for your own methods.

“Using tactics such as these,” Stoker writes, “can quickly help us regain control of our rationality and produce more effective and positive outcomes.”

Source: “How do you restore your rationality?” SmartBrief (July 10, 2017)

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